Green Circle Salons Partnership

Since 2016, Dino Palmieri Salons has partnered with Green Circle Salons to recycle 95% of salon waste and divert it from landfills.

As a salon guest, you play a crucial role in helping to protect the natural beauty of the planet we all share. By choosing green-minded salons like Dino Palmieri Salon & Spa that realize the importance of environmental and social progress, you not only look and feel good, you also contribute to positive green change! Thank you for being a part of our movement.

everyone is involved. everyone wins.

Did you know that your salon visit has an impact on the environment?

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Dino Palmieri Salon & Spa recycles and repurposes over 10 tons of salon waste annually


Trash iconHair, metals & hair color by-product cannot be treated by most municipalities. This waste would end up in our landfills and waterways.

Recycle iconNow

We've partnered with Green Circle Salons to:

Hair iconRepurpose hair for such uses as oil spill clean up and the manufacturing of bio-plastic.



Tube iconRecycle your color tubes & used foils.



Hair color iconTurn your hair color by-product into new sources of energy.