When you leave each appointment, the wonderful front desk associate usually asks if you want to pre-book your next one or two appointments. It often stops people for a second before they say, “I’ll just call back when I’m ready.”

While we understand life is hard to predict in 6-8 weeks time, pre-booking your services does a few things for both you and the stylist.

First, it ensures your stylist has the time and availability to take care of you and your tresses.

If you want to make sure your hair goals are met, it’s important to find a stylist you like and trust and continue to have them be your stylist each time you visit a salon. 

Think of it like having a regular teacher each day versus what happens when a substitute teacher steps in. Substitute teachers are wonderful and talented also, but they don’t quite have the full picture – the same goes for your hair and your stylist.

Your stylist “teacher” will know what you are trying to achieve overall, what styles and processes work best for your hair, and what works with your lifestyle. 

A regular stylist also helps you to develop and execute a hair goals road map so you are working toward and achieving your desired look. 

Pre-booking services makes space in a stylists calendar for you and your hair so that you can work together to keep your tresses looking top-notch.

Second, it reduces any kind of “hair rage” you may have from waiting too long to come back to the salon.

You know what we mean. Ill-cut layers, bad bangs, botched dye jobs…… we’ve all been there no matter what we like to admit. Sometimes we resort to taking our hair into our own hands when we honestly know better. 

Having pre-booked appointments and not waiting until after the last minute to get into your salon means your hair will continue to look and feel fabulous as you work on achieving your hair desires and goals. 

If you secure a time to get into the salon, you know you will be able to get freshened up when it works best for your schedule and you won’t be tempted to resort to drastic measures.

Lastly, it is respectful of both your time and your stylists time.

There are some serious peak seasons for stylists. Times of year, events in certain months, and holidays drive people into the salons more than normal so make sure you are already on your stylists books! 

Having pre-booked appointments also helps you plan your time better so you don’t end up making a bad choice and taking your hair into your own hands. 

It also crosses one thing off of your to-do list. You’ll already know when you are headed to the salon next!