This time of year, it’s hard to not day dream about warmer weather, sun kissed skin, and better hair days.

But not so fast! The winter is a great time for your hair, as long as you treat it right and show it some extra love.

If you are like a lot of people, you are wondering what you can do to have gorgeous hair this winter and what you can do to make sure you have great winter hair habits that mean extra amazing tresses come spring.

So what can you do to not only have great hair this winter but also tips to help style it this winter?

#1 Winter Hair Care Tip: Moisturize!

Keeping your hair full of moisture by conditioning it as often as your hair can handle and your stylist advises.

Also make sure to be using the right kind of moisture-infusing shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t have the right kind, ask your knowledgeable stylist for their recommendation on what works best for you and your hair.

You may find value in adding in a deep conditioning hair mask to your monthly hair regime. A hair mask can inject moisture into your hair and keep your hair looking lustrous and shiny all winter.

#2 Winter Hair Care Tip: Tone And Gloss!

Something like this can help add in some color where the time, UV light, and season may have taken color away. Sometimes the winter months can create hair that isn’t quite as shiny and this is a great way to add it back in.

Some of these types of services can also have nutrients and protectants in them so your hair will become shiny and healthy.

#3 Winter Hair Care Tip: Don’t Skip The Haircut!

There is a common misconception that your hair may grow less in the winter and therefore you need less hair cuts and that simply isn’t true.

Trims and cuts help keep your hair healthier, stops split ends, and prevents your hair from being damaged. It’s always a good idea to keep up with your hair cuts, even in the winter.

The winter months are often toughest of all on the ends of your hair in particular. Added friction against hats, coat collars, scarves and more causes extra stress to your tresses. Make sure you keep split ends at bay by going to get your hair cut on your regular hair cut schedule.

#4 Winter hair Care Tip: Limit The Heat Styles When You Can

Excess heat this time of year can reduce moisture in your hair so try and limit your heat styling. While we do not recommend you go outside with wet hair, it’s not best to continue to blow dry and hot style your hair every single day.

The lack of moisture in the air already wrecks havoc on your locks so don’t do any extra damage by over styling your hair.

A cute look this time of year is adding a nice knit beanie or a cute head scarf to your look to give your hair a break on washing and styling. A hat can also help protect your hair from the harsh elements so you can look cute and work on protecting your hair while you are at it.

#5 Winter Hair Care Tip: Stay Hydrated!

This is good for both your hair and your body. Water is so great for so many things your body does, and that includes keeping your hair healthy and growing.

Your scalp can become particularly dry this time of year too so drinking extra water can help combat that issue this winter.

If you are dehydrated on the inside it will show on the outside so don’t skip those glasses of water this winter. Plus, water intake helps your skin look amazing too so it’s like a double-whammy!

Winter doesn’t need to be a time to dread styling and cutting your hair – it’s the perfect season to set up good hair habits that will yield gorgeous spring and summer hair.

It’s just a matter of taking some extra steps, spending some extra time, and consulting with your hair stylist on the best ways to keep your hair in tip top shape.

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