Balayage – one of a stylists most-requested services and now honestly, a way of life (#balayagelife, you know what we mean!)

Balayage is a way that stylists paint hair to give it that fresh, sun-kissed, ever so golden look while also making their clients look like they just spent a relaxing week of vacation in an exotic location and have the hair to prove it.

Balayage is a french word that means to “sweep” or paint, and that is exactly what stylists do! If you’ve ever taken a peek at your own stylist or had the pleasure of seeing this first hand on your friend, you know that those savvy stylists take their brushes and lightly and artfully sweep away. 

It really is a gorgeous way to mix up your look and create swoon-worthy tresses. So let’s get into how it’s done and what you need to keep in mind for your next appointment.

But up first – balayage versus ombre, and what the heck is the difference?!

Balayage is a soft and subtle painting of the hair to give a kissed-by-the-sun lightness that often frames a clients face.

Ombre is more of a gradient change from dark to light that is more universal all throughout your hair. 

While both techniques can be combined on one head of hair, there are some differences. Since both require free-hand painting and specific skills you’ll find that seasoned stylists find a way to seamlessly blend these techniques together if needed.

So what should you know about balayage before your next appointment?

Bring inspo.

There are so many different kinds of balayage it’s best to go to your appointment with an idea of where you want to end up. 

Don’t have your heart set on walking out of your appointment with the exact hair you pinned on Pinterest because healthy and gorgeous hair takes time! Bringing in inspiration photos does help your stylist get an idea of what look you are going for and will be able to help guide you through the process to becoming your own #hairgoals.

Do some homework.

All balayage is not created equal, because sometimes balayage is done wrong. It’s not an easy skill, it’s basically art on hair, so leave this kind of work up to trusted stylists. 

If you are new to a salon or stylist, take a look at salon websites and the stylists social media to double-check and make sure they have done balayage (successfully) before. Also see what the salon does for continued education for their stylists. It’s an important way to ensure your clients

If bleach is used and it’s pulled up too soon you may find yourself with blotchy streaky, or even orange hair which is not cool. 

Find a pro who knows.

A trained and qualified stylist will be able to look at your hair for both texture and color, look at your inspiration photos, and come up with a custom color and painting technique that gives you a very unique look that only you will have! 

Trust the magical stylists at Dino Palmieri Salons. Our stylists go through some intensive training in our “boot camp” to be ready to give clients the best experience all around. Dino Palmieri Salons are proud of how we’ve created an upscale space for clients to come and enjoy being pampered. 

Beauty comes from within, but the rest comes from Dino Palmieri Salons. Book an appointment today by calling your local salon and have your best hair yet in 2020!