The sun is shining more, the weather is slowly warming up, and there are a lot of us who get the itch to shed the winter season by getting a new hairstyle! 

The spring and summer is such a fun time to mix up your tresses and really get a fun new style, but how do you know what style is best for you?

Read our tips to figure out how to know what styles work best for you, based on a few different things.

If you are just considering changing your look………

First consider your face shape.

There are a multitude of face shapes (after all, we are all so different and unique!) but there are some main face shapes that help stylists create flattering styles for their clients.

If you have an oval face, consider a bob that hits above your shoulder, adding in some sweeping bangs, or something very sleek. These styles flatter this shape best.

If you have a round face, a lob is a great fun style. A pixie cut with some serious volume at the top looks stunning on this face. You can even temporarily mix your style by just considering a very sleek and slick ponytail.

Someone with a more square face does best with longer bangs that hit the cheekbone or long straight layers. 

But the best way to find the style that flatters you most is to ask your stylist! 

Next consider the texture and density of your hair.

If your hair is more fine, you could do well with a cute bob or a wedged hair style. These work well because there is minimal graduation and can create some much-desired volume. If you are bold, go for that pixie cut!

If you sit right in the middle with texture and density, you have a bit more versatility. You can rock a simple bob, longer layers with some waves work well, and a shoulder length hairdo can really play well with this type of hair.

Thicker and coarser hair does best if the style removes some of the extra weight. Layers and framing matter for this kind of hair. Either short pixie cuts that remove a ton of weight or longer styles that have more pronounced layers help eliminate some of the weight.

Lastly, don’t forget to get a style that fits your lifestyle.

If you pull your hair back often (due to job or kids!), you should work with your stylist to find a great style that can look great down but also be pulled back easily. 

If you have time to style your hair each day, go for those gorgeous curls and soft long styles that look great down. 

A pixie cut is perfect for so many different people but it does require a bit of styling each day (or a selection of awesome headbands and hats!)

Know that we are here to help.

Our stylists in our salons are here and ready to help you create a fun and flirty style that suits you and your life.

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