We are close to the holiday and that means parties, events, and general fun with friends and family!

It’s also a great time to make sure you have great holiday hair to match your outfits and style. The perfect Pinterest-worthy look is complete when your hair looks as great as your outfit!

We spent time at RUSH by Dino Palmieri to get a quick look at two holiday styles that are awesome for your holiday events.

First, we spent time with Steffanie as she was creating a boho-goddess look for her client – complete with warrior braids.

We asked Steffanie a few questions about why she chose this look and what we can do to recreate something like it ourselves!

Why did you chose this style?
S: I know her more personally and I felt a look like this would compliment her style and would also be something she’d really love. Her clothes are boho, her overall style is very flowy and carefree, and I felt this carefree, fun, and edgy style fit her perfect.

It’s a really cool look – we love the braids! The real first question we want to ask before we get into how to achieve this style is: do you do this style on clean or dirty hair?
S: I personally like it better when someone comes in with clean hair – then I can make it as “dirty” as I want. This gives me the ability to build up some products to achieve the look without the hair being too heavy and dirty. But you could come in with one day dirty hair too.

So what are some tools you used to achieve this look?
S: To start, I put some dry shampoo in her hair as well as a little bit of medium hold hair spray to help me build the style. I also used an 1” curling iron for this look but you could also use 1 ¼” to achieve this style. I personally like curling irons for something like this instead of a wand or flat iron – plus I knew her hair would fall a bit and this let me get the look I was going for. The rest of it was elastics and bobby pins to pin up the style. It was kind of carefree and I curled and pinned as I went to give it a really unique look. To finish I used a medium hold hairspray so the style stayed.

It’s a really fun style – we think it would be awesome for after work events and some holiday parties. One last question – how do you keep a style like this all day if you get it done earlier in the day?
S: Don’t touch it! Fly aways can be tamed with hair spray – and if the curls fall you can use your own wand at home if need be but again – don’t touch it!

Thanks Steffanie! It was great to see what kind of boho style you can wear this holiday.

We also spoke to Malory about a softer look to wear this holiday season.

Why did you chose this style for this holiday season?
M: This style is so versatile, and so soft and feminine. Softer waves go with any kind of style and honestly any kind of outfit. It’s easy to maintain, and the best part is it won’t fall out if you want to party. She can wake up and have it curled for the next day too so it’s a great two day style.

If you are getting a look like this done, does a client come in with clean or dirty hair?
M: It really depends on the client and their hair if I’d recommend coming with washed hair or not – a lot of times curls are better if you wash your hair the day before. However, if you are an every-day hair washer you can come with clean hair – but as a good rule always consult your stylist for best tips for your hair.

What tools did you use to achieve this look?
M: Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair & a Paul Mitchel 1” curling wand. I picked a wand because with the wand you get more waves, less curls and that’s what I was going for with this style. You get a little bit more control and less dents with a wand than if you would use a flat iron or curling iron.

What are a few tips you can give us if you have some time in between your salon appointment and your event? What can someone do to keep this style in tact during the day?
M: The best you can do is use a flexible hair spray and don’t touch it. The really best thing to do is to not touch it and don’t do anything too crazy and you’ll be ready and set. Don’t go workout or do anything that would cause your hair to get heavier.

Holiday styles can be both fun and soft – it really depends on the events and look you want to create.

Thanks to Malory and Steffanie for showing us how fun and great these styles can be.

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